Free bitcoin faucet part 2 for 2017

Name Payout per Claim Time / minutes Notes
Moon Bitcoin Variable
You decide when to claim. First the amount which you can claim is increasing fast and slows down over time. You also get a “mystery bonus” which is random every time you claim. Daily loyalty bonus up to 100% are possible! Round about 170 Satoshis
One of the best faucets. Less ads, mid earnings, lottery and dice game included. Pays every sunday directly to your Bitcoin wallet.
GetYourBitcoin 50 Satoshis
First 5 claims a day are increased starting by 100 and deacrasing about 50 after every claim. Payouts are made to ePay.
FaucetToo 100, 200 or 500 Satoshis
FaucetToo gives you the chance to get up to 500 Satoshis every 60 minutes. The payouts are happening with ePay instantly. This sites has just a small amount of Ads.
CoinPrizes 120, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 Satoshis
CoinPrizes will randomly give you 120, 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 Satoshis every 2 hours. The page is not bloated with Ads and the payout happens through the legit and well known FaucetHub. Highly recommended to check out this faucet!
Bonus Bitcoin ~ 150 Satoshis
Bonus Bitcoin is giving you every 15 minutes a decent amount of satoshis. The amount is random, but you can also check in your settings to always get the average of all other users claim. So it leaves you with that two options to go even higher, or to go with a safe and stable average each claim.
Field Bitcoins Variable
You decide when to claim. First the amount which you can claim is increasing fast and slows down over time.


Best Bitcoin faucet list & rotator 21 October 2017 – 481 Faucet listed!


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Today we reached a total of 481 Bitcoin Faucet listed!
By browsing all faucet you can get minimum 23347 Satoshi, an awesome amount of Satoshi!
Our top Bitcoin faucet selection is:


  1. Moon BitCoin
  2. mafiacoins
  3. gobits
  4. consiariat
  6. btcforclicks
  7. coinprizes
  8. bitdesire
  9. rektcoins
  10. Kran Bitmmgp
  11. Bonus Bitmmgp
  12. Freebitcoin Bitmmgp
  13. Faucet Bitmmgp
  14. Wcex Exchange
  15. getcoin
  16. honeyfaucet
  17. ryanbitcoin
  18. We Love Bitcoins
  19. freebitcoin lotto
  20. noticrypto
  21. pentafaucet
  22. sunbtc space
  23. bitcoins43
  24. bonusbitcoin
  25. greenfaucet

Premium FaucetHUB faucet included! Our list is updated daily, new faucet are added and removed. Try it now , suggest your faucet and report the broken or the scam faucet!